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Focusing our efforts on guideline implementation, reducing disparities, and working with community agencies regarding social and environmental determinants of health.

Let’s Get In Touch

With this pledge you will affirm to work cooperatively with LiveWisely 2020 to implement, promote and advocate active living and healthier lifestyles for the men, women and children in your family and personal network. You are committing to this effort and will actively participate in all your change endeavors.

Today I make this solemn pledge:

  1. "I pledge to change my attitude. I pledge to change my life"
  2. "I will never break my commitment to myself"
  3. "I will actively pursue the lifestyle action plan that I have created and promise that I will seek help when I need it"
  4. "I will find a way to become active everyday whether it is through exercise or activities of daily living."
  5. "I will do my best to support others who are also working hard to be healthy"
  6. "I will enjoy my life, have fun, and live, love and laugh every day"

Promise of Participation

As a participant of this LiveWisely 2020 Movement I promise:

  1. "To be attentive to the needs of my family and community"
  2. "To provide fellow participants with helpful and constructive advice when needed"
  3. "To help the LiveWisely 2020 Movement maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all participants to learn and grow"
  4. "To serve as a volunteer and mentor when called upon to do so"
  5. "To treat my fellow participants and guests with respect and courtesy"
  6. "To invite friends and families to participate so they can see the benefits the LiveWisely 2020 Movement"
  7. "To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all LiveWisely 2020 Movement programs and activities"
  8. "To maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all LiveWisely 2020 Movement activities"