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Focusing our efforts on guideline implementation, reducing disparities, and working with community agencies regarding social and environmental determinants of health.

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A goal of the LiveWisely 2020 Movement is to ensure that individual and communities are moving progressively along the behavior change process and to foster good practices for maintaining individual success. We begin with advocacy by encouraging proactivity, promoting active lifestyles and positive behaviors.

Through our meetings, group discussions and online social networking environments members will be able to garner peer-to-peer support, find useful lifestyle and behavior change resources, get connected and make friends. Frequent follow ups and peer reviews will strengthen the focus on their goals.

Areas of advocacy

  • Obesity: childhood and adult
  • Lifestyle change
  • Attitudes, beliefs and behavior change
  • Goal setting
  • General health

Modes of advocacy

  • Lectures: Periodic lectures will be organized for the public and private groups that fall under your circle of influence. Seasoned speakers and professionals can be invited to share their knowledge and experiences on the issue for discussion.
  • Group discussions: Discussions will be held in a forum format to shed more light on specific issues of interest to share general and professional knowledge.
  • Seminars and workshops: These seminars and workshops will be held by experts with course notes and certificate of participation.
  • Active lifestyle campaigns: Mass media education tool will be employed in this strategy. Television, Radio, Newspapers, Bill Boards, Posters, etc. The objective and target here is to reach as many people as possible, as well as to educate the masses.
  • Publications and articles: Members will recommend publications and articles on various topics and issues related to Lifestyle and behavior changes.
  • Physical activity campaigns: Collaborative activities will be organized to strenghten LiveWisely 2020 Movements objectives.
  • Mentoring: Peer-to-Peer mentoring.
  • Social networking: Through social media connections (LiveWisely 2020 community, Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) members will spearhead, discuss and interact in relative subject matters.