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Focusing our efforts on guideline implementation, reducing disparities, and working with community agencies regarding social and environmental determinants of health.

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Developing self-awareness is important for better relationships and for a more fulfilling life, both in the workplace and at home. With a good understanding of how we relate to others, we can adjust our behavior so that we deal with them positively. By understanding what upsets us, we can improve our self-control. And by understanding our weaknesses, we can learn how to manage them, and reach our goals despite them. However, it's difficult to be objective when we think about ourselves, and how others actually see us can be quite different from what we think they see. There are ways in which people can develop self-awareness on their own. However, becoming a member of LiveWisely 2020 can be a better way of helping you view your own actions and reactions objectively, allowing you to build self-awareness.

5 Approaches To Developing Self Awareness