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Focusing our efforts on guideline implementation, reducing disparities, and working with community agencies regarding social and environmental determinants of health.

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LiveWisely 2020 programs are designed to guide and motivate individuals to make healthy lifestyle changes such as losing weight, stopping tobacco use, managing stress or chronic back pain, and increasing physical activity. By addressing the range of physical, emotional, and environmental factors that influence one’s behavior our approach is tailored to an individual’s specific needs and challenges, and results in measurable, goal-oriented outcomes. 

Our support system can be delivered through person-to-person or group consultation via email or over the phone. Typically we will initiate an interview or in-person assessment to identify your readiness and willingness to develop a relationship with a coach or mentor. The coach/mentor will help to establish a program and set parameters for action. The participant and coach then work side-by-side on any number of activities that might include setting goals, learning new skills, and understanding behavior change and biometric data.