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For Individuals and Families

Like most you will probably be a part of the LiveWisely 2020 Movement to help improve your quality of life and to make a difference in your family and community. Since our beginning we've been providing vital services to those who need it. Our achievements are the result of dedicated member action and participation.

Research shows that the more people involve themselves in group activities, the more committed and connected they become to their cause. Act now so you and your family can begin making changes in those areas that are important to you and see where you can make an impact, large or small.


Community Based Programming

Being a member of your community involves more than just living there. It’s really about being part of a supportive group of individuals who share the common goal of improving their health and wellbeing. Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a long-standing resident, your experience will be awesome.

Health starts at the individual level then transitions to include entire families and even communities. In good practice initiatives, community residents—both adults and, increasingly, adolescents are viewed as integral resources who can contribute substantially to the change process.

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Clement Buchanan is a unique in the way he helps individuals, families and communities to discover, understand and create their preferred future. To achieve this, he helps them create powerful new narratives that will drive them to the next level of change and evolutionary development. Whether you are an individual without a clear path and direction or a community threatened by a lack of behavior transformation, or a rising star still unsure of how to navigate the murky waters of exponential change, Clement will help you learn to identify change before it happens, craft new plans and visions so changes can happen