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Seeking help from knowledgeable and experienced people can help us achieve our goals and avoid making mistakes while wasting valuable time. Such knowledgeable and experienced people are called mentors. A mentor takes a personal interest in and helps an inexperienced person. The mentor serves as a role model, coach and confidante, offering knowledge, insight, perspective or wisdom useful to the person being mentored.

In unfamiliar situations people need support, personal contact and reassurance. Peer mentors can supply the valuable personal attention and ongoing support.

A Mentorship Has Many Benefits:

  1. Mentors - Help others become familiar with what it means to be healthy and how they can improve.
  2. Develop confidence - Armed with the knowledge mentors provide, mentees self-confidence can increase.
  3. Participate more - As a result of their relationship mentees become more responsible for their life choices and increase their activities.
  4. Quickly learn lifestyle change skills - Mentors familiarize mentees with the resources available to them and help them with their lifestyle action plans, enabling mentees to advance faster.

Mentors Enjoy Many Rewards!

There's a lot of good that can come out of the experience for those who offer the benefit of their expertise:

  1. Learn from those they work with: Mentoring relationships often offer new information and perspectives.
  2. Remain productive: Mentors continue to make use of their own knowledge and skills.
  3. Do something for others: Helping others is a confirmation of our own skills, but we also feel good about ourselves when we help someone achieve their goals.
  4. Receive recognition: Mentors are respected and appreciated by everyone.

 "When one person experiences the positive effect of an activity many others benefit."